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Apartments and Houses for Rent in St Petersburg, FL


House for rent in North St Petersburg, FL
North St Petersburg, Florida House for rent.

House for rent in Historic Kenwood, St Pete
North St Petersburg House for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Studio Apartment for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Downtown St Pete apartments for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Lake Jorgensen St Petersburg apartments for rent.

Condos for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Condo for rent.

Houses for Rent in St Petersburg
Houses for Rent in St Petersburg.

House for rent in St Petersburg Tyrone Mall Area
House for rent in St Petersburg.

Homes for rent in St Petersburg
Houses and apartments for rent in St Petersburg and Pinellas Park.

St Petersburg Apartment for Rent
Apartment for rent in St Pete.

St Petersburg House for Rent
House for rent in St Pete.

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance Is Essential For St Petersburg Tenants

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St. Petersburg, FL House For Rent

Section 8 Home Rental Program

Section 8 is a program of subsidizing housing provided by private landlords for approved tenants under the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The program is funded by the Federal Government but administered by local government such as the city or county housing authorities.

The St Petersburg Housing Authority

In Saint Petersburg, the St Pete Housing Authority or SPHA is the organization responsible for administering the Section 8 program in the City of St Petersburg.

Getting A Voucher

A person or family that is interested in benefiting from the Section 8 subsidy for housing would apply to the SPHA. A housing specialist would then approve the applicant based on their income and need with a voucher up to a certain amount.

Finding a Rental Home in St Pete

The applicant would then try to find private housing through newspapers, "For Rent" signs, friends, or the St Petersburg House And Home Rental web site which didn't exceed the approved rental voucher amount plus any approved tenant contribution.

St Petersburg Housing Authority Inspection

Once the applicant has found a home for rent, then the rental property owner and applicant fills out the form which identifies the relevant house or apartment for rent to the SPHA. The St Pete Housing Authority then schedules an inspection of the property to validate it as being acceptable.

The two sets of criteria used are price and habitability. The SPHA will only pay a certain amount for a home for rent in a certain area. The home for rent must also comply with the minimum city codes for St Petersburg.

These codes include permanently installed heating, operable windows, condition of paint etc.

Lease and Payment

Once the property for rent is approved by the SPHA, then the applicant and rental home owner sign a lease for the full amount of the rent. A copy of the lease and other necessary paperwork is forwarded to the SPHA.

The SPHA will then pay the voucher amount directly to the landlord. If the voucher amount does not cover the whole rent then the tenant will pay an approved amount directly to the landlord.

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