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Apartments and Houses for Rent in St Petersburg, FL


House for rent in North St Petersburg, FL
North St Petersburg, Florida House for rent.

House for rent in Historic Kenwood, St Pete
North St Petersburg House for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Studio Apartment for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Downtown St Pete apartments for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Lake Jorgensen St Petersburg apartments for rent.

Condos for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Condo for rent.

Houses for Rent in St Petersburg
Houses for Rent in St Petersburg.

House for rent in St Petersburg Tyrone Mall Area
House for rent in St Petersburg.

Homes for rent in St Petersburg
Houses and apartments for rent in St Petersburg and Pinellas Park.

St Petersburg Apartment for Rent
Apartment for rent in St Pete.

St Petersburg House for Rent
House for rent in St Pete.

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance Is Essential For St Petersburg Tenants

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St. Petersburg, FL House For Rent

How To Market Homes For Rent

Make The Rental Unit Appealing

Make sure the rental units are always “rent ready” before showing. The rental property should be clean, well-lit, odor-free, and appealing to the eye. Prospective tenants often can’t see past stained carpet, dark rooms, roach corpses, or animal smells to “how it will be when it’s ready”.

This may be difficult if tenants are currently living in the property. One apartment I had I couldn't rent out because there were three tenants in a one bedroom apartment, plus their various guests. The place was filthy and crowded with their furniture. There was a hole in the wall that developed from a leak, which they didn't tell me about because they "didn't want to bother" me.

When their lease was ending, I had many prospects but few good applications until the day they moved out and the place was marginally clean. Then someone showed up, paid seven months rent in advance and my problems were over.

If the apartment is vacant then you may also want to put some "staging" furniture and knick-knacks in the unit. Light some scented candles when someone is inspecting to give the home a warm welcoming ambience. It shows that you care too.

Qualify, qualify, qualify your tenants

You can waste a lot of your's and the prospects' time if you don't tell them about the apartment for rent or find out if they have a job or other source of income.

Vena Jones-Cox’s newsletter made some of the following points and I have added some of my own:

  • Use a 24-hour voicemail system. When prospective tenants call, they are diverted to a voice mailbox that gives them information about the property and answers frequently asked questions. You can ask them to leave a name and phone number and you will call them back with a lock box combination so that they can let themselves in. You can change the lockbox code daily in order to secure the property against a return visit.
  • You can leave applications at rental properties and leave it at the property and they can contact you to let us know it’s there. They could also leave a check or maybe arrange payment through PayPal or some other service.
  • Use only the push-button lock boxes as they are simpler to use for the tenants. Occasionally, a prospective tenant will forget to put the key back in the box. Make sure you have spare keys and that you drive by occasionally to check everything is OK. You may have to go by to change the combination anyway.

Important issues are pets, whether they are smokers and if there are adults or children. Of course it is illegal to discriminate against applicants on the grounds of familial circumstances, e.g. there are children. This regulation may not apply in certain circumstances such as where the landlord is the occupant of one of the units in a multifamily property of four units or less, but seek the advice of an attorney or look at the legislation yourself.

You can find out more about qualifying the tenant applicants in the following article:

Screening Tenants and Rental Application

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