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Apartments and Houses for Rent in St Petersburg, FL


House for rent in North St Petersburg, FL
North St Petersburg, Florida House for rent.

House for rent in Historic Kenwood, St Pete
North St Petersburg House for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Studio Apartment for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg apartment for rent in Historic Kenwood.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Downtown St Pete apartments for rent.

Apartments for rent in St Petersburg
Lake Jorgensen St Petersburg apartments for rent.

Condos for rent in St Petersburg
St Petersburg Condo for rent.

Houses for Rent in St Petersburg
Houses for Rent in St Petersburg.

House for rent in St Petersburg Tyrone Mall Area
House for rent in St Petersburg.

Homes for rent in St Petersburg
Houses and apartments for rent in St Petersburg and Pinellas Park.

St Petersburg Apartment for Rent
Apartment for rent in St Pete.

St Petersburg House for Rent
House for rent in St Pete.

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance Is Essential For St Petersburg Tenants

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St. Petersburg, FL House For Rent

Rental Home Leases and Move In

The Lease

All roommates should sign the lease.

First month rent and deposit should be cash or cashier's check or money order.

Extra rent and deposit for pets.

Some people say that rather than having a deposit, you should have a refundable "performance fee". It is refunded if they perform properly. This stops the implication that the "deposit" is money that the landlord is holding for the tenant.

Exceeding late charge for rent may be regarded as usury.

Subletting needs permission.

Sales tax can be charged by county on rentals where lease is less than 6 months and 1 day.

Loser pays the winners costs if in relevant part of statute or in the lease. So put it in the lease.

Put in a pet fee - to cover defleaing and / or carpet removal. Plus
refundable pet deposit.

People with any kind of dog should get a liability policy. That liability coverage may also be provided by a standard renter's insurance policy.

Some owners say you should also charge a non-refundable cleaning deposit with a pet.  I hate the use of the phrase non-refundable deposit. Where I come from, that is called a fee.It is a mistake to have a cleaning fee. The tenant moving out will say, "why should I clean, I paid a fee, let the landlord clean." A deposit gives incentive.

Have an insurance provision.

15 days notice before end of month (if mo to mo) or 7 days prior to end of next period (if week to week).

List the furniture and fittings in the apartment.

Check if statute now demands that a separate account be used to hold deposits, for even less than 4 property landlords.

Chapter 83 is the FL Landlord Tenant Law

Arbitration is binding (though it can be appealed on error of law), mediation is not.

The Move and Inspections

Remind the tenant to get utilities switched on so they don't move in the dark.

Do move-in inspection before move, as often damage is done during move-in. Conduct any inspection with the tenant present. Be sure to explain your findings at the end of the inspection and have your tenant sign off on it. The tenant may have specific concerns not addressed on your form or may simply see something you missed. A thorough inspection would include any common areas including hallways, stairways, storage areas, laundry room and the exterior. The inspection should be done after the electricity and water is on so you can verify everything is working.

Inspection Forms guide you and your the tenant through linear inspection process.

The forms will include:

  • the date of inspection, the location of property and dates of lease and the condition of the:
  • floors and floor coverings
  • walls and ceilings
  • lighting and outlets
  • windows and window coverings such as curtains, fixtures and fittings, blinds
  • doors, keys and locks
  • appliances such as disposal, oven, microwave, air conditioners, and refrigerator
  • Furniture, if the premises are to be let furnished
  • Gardens and decks
  • Storage Areas
  • the number of keys
  • the signatures of tenants and landlord

The forms allow you to quickly and easily:

  • ensure that all areas are inspected
  • provide a record of any damages

Remember to take photos of questionable areas for future reference.

You should conduct an inspection of the apartment prior to the tenant occupying it as often damage can be caused during the move in.

Only conduct a move-out inspection once the tenant has vacated the premises, as damage can ofter occur during the move.

You must give a tenant written notice in advance that you intend to keep his security deposit, and you must detail in writing WHY.

For a state summary of security deposit laws, see the following web site:

Screening Tenants and Rental Application

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